Never give up and always know you have to risk it to get the biscuit!

Interview with Kagiso Paul Loago Leburu, Botswana
photo credit: Mosako Chalashika

My Name Is Kagiso Paul Loago Leburu and I am 18 years old. I am from Botswana and I´m currently living in Gaborone. If I´m not skating then I´m most probably watching skate videos or making beats. I started skateboarding on May 5, 2012, Haha today marks 7 years skating! I actually started skating because of my Mum. She bought one of my friends a Skateboard as a present and I was just fascinated by it so she got me one too. But the party got postponed and I was left with 2 HUD completes. STOKED! My first stationery ollie felt amazing. Can´t remember the exact day though. I skate everyday, if its not a hard session then its a kickpush while running an errand. My Favorite trick has to be a Hardflip. I like filming lines because they really show consistency and style more.

photo credit: Mosako Chalashika

What´s the skate scene in Botswana like?
No lie, skateboarding in Botswana was coming up but due to the closure of the local skate shop, it just hit a downfall. There´re a couple skate or die homies doing something about the situation though.

You´re featured in the new Two Two´s video part by Knucklehds, tell us when you started working on this and with who?
I´ve been working on this video with Mosako (Lowsso) Chalashika & Theo Sean Molaodi since 2nd January. It will be on YouTube on the 13th Of May.

Personally, I just can´t wait to see it bro. Too many goosebumps on my skin already, Haha!

For us who don´t know, what´s Knucklehds?
Knucklehds is a collective of homies doing what they love, which is Skateboarding. However we have merchandise coming up for sale in the near future.

photo credit: Mosako Chalashika

That´s Rad!

What´s your most memorable moment filming for the Two Two´s video?
Ermm, the most memorable moment filming for this video is actually all the moments, Haha! I just enjoy working with Mosako Chalashika. He´s got the never dying-patience which pushes me not to give up on trying. There was this one line I tried to get but security wouldn´t let me. It was at the Prime Plaza spot. I was trying to 360 pop shuv on flat then FS bigspin the stairs. Everytime I get close they´d appear and we would leave the spot. The guards didn´t even want to accept a bribe for me to get the trick.

Lol. I think you should get a security guard to take care of the guards at the spot, just like Rob Dyrdek.

Just by the way, do you have a favorite spot?
Yeah, I think so. My favorite spot has to be Main mall, it´s always dope to jam S.K.A.T.E with the homies.

Do you live close to this spot?
I live far from the Main mall but I really don´t mind the distance.

photo credit: Mosako Chalashika

I live far from my favorite spot also, haha. What do you think will help improve your local skate scene?
A Good supply of Skateboarding products would surely grow the scene.

What motivates you to go skate and who´s your favorite in the game?
Skate Videos always hypes me up to skate and my favorite skater is Austyn Gillette

Any local heroes?
Yep! Thabiso Gulubane ,Theo Molaodi , D´amico Kebatile, Theo Setsetse ,Philip Makgwe ,Michael Kgatlwane & Philippe Revaka. They´ve always been the skaters I look up to.

Which company do you think have the best team

What are your thoughts on Africa skateboarding?
It´s really coming up. More Skaters from different African countries are popping up and that´s really sick. But I think if more skateparks are built, it will help elevate it to a whole new level.

What´s your thoughts on skateboarding in the Olympics?
Its a major step for Skateboarding.

Any country you backing for Gold?
Yep! The United States

What´s a perfect like for you?
Every skate session with the homies seals the deal for me.

Anything you´d like to say that wasn´t asked or any general life lessons for our readers?
Never give up and always know you have to risk it to get the biscuit!

photo credit: Mosako Chalashika